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Boone, by Cameron Judd

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Time line of Boone's life
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Special thanks to Lindenwood University for this timeline
from their DANIEL BOONE Missouri Home website.


1734: Daniel Boone is born to Squire and Sarah Morgan Boone, their sixth child, at Oley Township (now Berks County), Pa.

1750-1752: The Boones leave Pennsylvania, stay in Virginia for two years and then settle in North Carolina.

1755: In the French and Indian War, Daniel Boone serves as a wagoneer in the North Carolina militia in an unsuccessful attempt to take Fort Duquesne (Pittsburgh) from the French.

1756: Boone marries Rebecca Bryan. The first of their 10 children, James, is born the next year.

1769: Boone blazes the first known trail from North Carolina to Tennessee, then spends two years hunting and exploring in Kentucky, where he is captured twice by Indians and escapes both times.

1773: Boone makes the first attempt to settle Kentucky. Indians attack and turn Boone's party back. Son James is killed in the attack.

1775: Boonesborough is established south of present-day Lexington,Ky. Boone leads the cutting of the Wilderness Trail, the first trail for white settlement, from Tennessee to Fort Boonesborough.

1777: Boone is commissioned a captain in the Virginia Militia and becomes the first Kentucky colonel. Boonesborough is besieged by Shawnee warriors, and Boone is wounded.

1778: Boone is captured by the Shawnee and adopted by Chief Blackfish. Boone escapes after five months with the Shawnee.

1782: Boone fights in the Battle of Blue Licks, one of the last battles of the Revolutionary War. Son Israel is killed in the battle.

1787: Boone, with claims to as much as 100,000 acres of land, represents Kentucky in the Virginia Legislature.

1787-1795: Boone loses most of his property in Kentucky because of tax laws and disputed land claims.

1797-1798: Son Daniel Morgan Boone visits the Mississippi Valley and Missouri and meets with Don Z.Trudeau, lieutenant governor of the Spanish Territory, who invites the Boones to settle in Missouri.

1799: Daniel Boone, having received a grant of 850 acres, and relatives move to the Femme Osage District (now St. Charles County, Missouri).

1800: Spanish governor appoints Boone "syndic" (judge and jury) and commandant of the Femme Osage region.

1803 - Daniel and his son Nathan build the stone house in what is now Defiance, MO.

1813: Rebecca Boone dies at daughter Jemima Boone Calla-way's home near Marthasville.

1820: Daniel Boone dies at the Boone home near Defiance.

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